Isn't there something wonderful and inviting when you walk into a home that smells just amazing? Whether it smells like a fresh baked pie or cookies, or clean laundry, or even something fruity and spring like.  I have always tried to recreate that atmosphere with candles and those wooden aroma sticks but they just don't seem to do the trick. I was constantly having to be cautious about the candles, since I am a mother of four young, busy children.

And then it happened, I was invited to a Scentsy party! Oh. My. Goodness! This was wonderful!!! The highly scented wax, melts with just the heat of a lightbulb, but yet it never gets hot like candle. You can put your finger in the wax and it doesn't burn you, that's how safe it is. The fact that there is no flame was also a plus, with having four kids (and their friends) running around, playing, and just being kids; I was hooked.

There was just so much to choose from. With the choice of 80 different scents making my house smelling wonderful and inviting, beautifully decorative warmers, and plug-ins that double as a night-light, the possiblities are endless. I did the next best thing. I became a consultant! This was an incredible business opportunity and it is so simple. I joined Scentsy in November 2010 because I love the product and the extra money would help my family out.

If you are looking for a fun and simple way to make some extra money while maintaining a flexible schedule, please contact me. I am always looking for new people to join my growing team. Whether its just to meet new friends or if it's to earn some money for your family, or to have an incredible business start, I am here to help you, one on one, and achieve your goals.

View the catalog and feel free to contact me with any questions. Once you try Scentsy you'll be so glad you did!


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