Our Home

We moved into our house almost 8 years ago.   It has been a long, slow process on making this house our home.   When we moved in I was 7 months pregnant with our 4th child.  So to say our life has been a little busy is an understatement.   For the last 7.5 years we have been putting our family time first and living life and enjoying our kids as much as possible.
I apologize in advance for some of the horrible photos here.  Some of the before shots are pre-digital camera days for our family.

I believe that a house is always revolving.  So as our styles change....mature....so will our home.  I hope that you will be inspired to do the same with your own home.

We have your standard 1970's split-level entry home; only we were very blessed to have found a house with an addition on the back of the house.  There are 3 bedrooms upstairs and 3 bedrooms downstairs.
The front of our house has not changed much. Other than the trees have grown a little bigger, the front yard is pretty much the same.  We have big plans for the curb appeal on this home of ours.

(Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of the front of our house) 
Bubba's Room Nursery

Since we didn't know what sex our baby was going to be, we were gifted a neutral baby set.  Which was heavy on the blue side....good thing Bubba was a boy.  :)  I took the pattern that is on the side of the crib bumber pads, and put them on the walls, as you can see.

We added some Board and Batten

Hotrod's Room

Firecracker's Room

Baby Girl's Room

More pictures to come.....all of these rooms will be getting makeover's, since they are loooooong overdue!


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