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Happy Fall, Y'all

It's beginning to look like fall in here!  And I couldn't be more excited about it.   Every time we enter into a new season I declare that it's my favorite season, but as much as I love the snowmen, Christmas, and coziness of winter, the fresh new flowers of spring, the sun, fun, and our boat, of summer, I think I might actually love fall the best.   Fall is when the kids are back in school.  Soccer season is in full bloom.  My crock pot is working for me nearly every day. The crisp air and the beautiful colors of the leaves of the trees that are changing. Fire in the wood stove is going strong while the rain comes down outside. The Mister and I celebrate our anniversary. Then there are....the pumpkins.
I actually got that beachy pumpkin on our trip to Hawaii 3 years ago, in October, for our anniversary.  I smile every time I see it. I have finally gotten my fall d├ęcor up.  The like to decorate with both the month of October and November in mind.   So I do a little bit …