Making A Comeback

Guess who's back, back again....Katie's back, tell your friends, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back......(please tell me you sung that in the tune of Slim Shady)

It's been a hot minute since I've jumped on this ol' platform and shared a little about our lives.   I can go with the whole "life has been so crazy busy" which isn't a lie, but who's life isn't crazy busy?!  Right?  We all have our own kind of crazy busy happening in our lives.

Let me get you caught up over here with both life and this little home of ours.

Kids are....big.  They've grown a ton.  We have two that have officially graduated from high school now.   One has gone on to start her college career at a local community college in the dental field.  Our oldest is working full time and thinking about heading back to school to work on furthering his education in the field that he's desired for a while and his employer is offering to help with thi…

Family Funday Sunday: Camping Style

Hey Guys!!! 

I know it's, only been nearly a month, since our camping trip but I still have to tell you all about it, because it was wonderful!! 

It's so hard coordinating weekends and family fun-days when you have 2 kids working.   Luckily those two kids, actually work for the same company.   They were both able to get the weekend off and we were finally able to go CAMPING and DIRT BIKE RIDING!!! 
You guys, this is something we haven't done in, what feels like, forever.  Two years to be exact. 
So we left Friday morning (kids didn't have school on Friday) and we headed over to our favorite part of Oregon.  East.  When we got there, we were shocked.  There was nobody there.  It was like that all weekend.  I couldn't have been more thrilled.  It was exactly what we needed as a family.  Just us.  Alone.  Laughing.  Playing.  Goofing.  Loving each other the way we know how, as a family.

Tension has been so high at our house lately.  Please tell me other families ge…

Family Funday Sunday: At the Zoo

Family Funday Sunday!
Our lives have been super crazy busy.  The weekdays tend to get out of hand, so on Sunday's we always try to regroup as a family and at the very least, get a family dinner in together.  A family dinner where we all sit down at the table, converse, and share our lives with one another.
I know, that sounds ridiculous, since we have all of our kids living at home with us, but these kids are all over the place.   Whether it's scouts, soccer practice, soccer games, work (their jobs - not ours), babysitting, vision therapy, parent/teacher conferences (at two different schools & for three kids), or basketball camp.....which, by the way ALL of that did happen last week....we don't always get to eat as a family during the week.    The Mister and I share cooking duties, and the kids know that they will always have a meal ready for them when they get home.  Whether it's before or after their activities, it's there and ready.
Lately, life has felt extra cr…

The Day Heaven Gained Another Angel

Today marks 2 years.  Two years ago my Mother-In-Law left this earth and became our Angel Mama.  Two years of my kids terribly missing their Nana.  Two years of my Father-In-law being a widow and two years from the day my husband lost one of THE most important women in his life…his mama...who really was, one of his best friends.
To say that the last two years has been easy, would be a lie.  Because it hasn’t been.  It has taken nearly a year for my husband to get back into his groove.  To get back to living and loving life again.  Her loss didn't just take the wind out of his sail, it sunk his boat.  

Two days ago, one of our daughters was having the worst time missing her Nana, she asked if we could just stay home today; from school, from work, and be a family remembering our lovely Mother and Nana.  To say that request didn't sucker punch me right in the gut and bring on all the feelings I had been bottling up and trying so hard to keep it together, it would be another lie.
My …

I'm baaaaackk!

Hey, hey, hey guys!!!    I’m back!  I am ready to start sharing with ya’ll again the happenings and doing of our life.   Like any other family out there, we have been super, crazy busy the last few years.  I originally started this blog to share the home updates that we had been doing to all of our family, who are scattered all over the USA.  So let’s take a super quick recap of the last few years and what has been happening in our home, some house updates but mostly family updates.  I will break down most of these moments in separate posts later…so stay tuned. I got a new job in April of 2014.  It was a challenging beginning with a large learning curve and some interesting personality dynamics that I had never been exposed to before.; much less in the work place.  I stuck it out, needless to say, I’m thankful I did because it has been very rewarding.  (Not every day was I willing to do that).  I am proud to say that I have learned so much about the lighting industry, how to be a succe…