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A Cup of Tea...or Seeds...Please

This summer we were starting to get a lot of birds and squirrels in our backyard again.  When we first moved to our house, 9.5 years ago, we had quite a few.  Then we got a kitty.   Wouldn't you know it, our bird population decreased and it seemed that the critters were talking about our house "Don't go there, they have a kitty".   Well, now that our kitty is slowing down and becoming bored of her tree friends; the birds and squirrels are starting to come back.    We put up a small suet bird feeder in front of one of our family room windows.  It was so fun to watch the birds come and nibble on the food so I decided that I wanted to make a few bird feeders with the kids but I wanted them to be whimsical, fun, and eclectic.
Where do you go when you are looking for funky and eclectic?   The local thrift store!   I was hoping that I would find exactly what I was looking for, (which never happens for me, btw) and wouldn't you know it, I did!!!   I found this tea cup set …

Girl Meets Boy....Falls in Love

Girl meets Boy
Boy and Girl fall in love
These two young kids are inseparable. They did everything together.

They got married to each other. They started a family together. They went camping together. They took selfies together.
Most of all, they have been making wonderful memories together
14 wonderful years later, they celebrated 14 years of marriage, commitment, and loving each other and honoring their vows the best way they know how.  
Happiest of Anniversaries to my wonderful Husband, here's to many, many more years of wedded bliss!