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Meal Plan Monday: 3/3/2014

Hello, hello, hello!   Did everyone have a fabulous weekend?   Gosh, ours was super but great.   We had lots of activities, chores, classes, and even squeezed in some play dates, sleepovers, and a birthday party for a newteenager!!!!  I cannot believe that we are the parents of 2 teenagers!  How is that possible?   I'm still only 27!
Sorry this is up a day late, Monday was a Monday is true form.   Crazy, hectic, and a little bit a full moon vibe happening.  So, as you know, we got ournew oven/stove toprange last week and I have to say, I completely blew the meal plan from last week right, out the door.  There was no crock-pot happenings at our place.  There were things that I had to bake, sauté, cook, all of it, I tell ya.   So, this week you may see a bit of a duplicate of meals that were from last week.
Monday:  Tilapiafish with garlic butter sauce & sautéed veggies
Tuesday:Tacos!   Taco Tuesday!!
Wednesday: Crock-pot:Pesto Ranch Chicken Thighs
Thursday:  Breakfast!  Eggs, tur…