Monday, February 18, 2013

Almost done...with Bubba's Room

Goood Morning everyone!!!!   Happy Monday!   Today is wonderful because I HAVE TODAY OFF!  How was your weekend?  Hope you had a great one!  We had lots of stuff going on.  Our youngest son, Bubba, moved ranks in Cub Scouts at his Blue & Gold Banquet.   He has gone from a Wolf to a Bear!  Yay, Bubba!
After the banquet, The Mister, Hotrod, and Firecracker went out to Central Oregon and did some dirt bike riding.  Bubba, Baby Girl and I stayed home because Bubba had a follow up doctor's appt for his broken finger.  Which I talked about here. So while they were gone I worked on some projects.  Did you guess that?  I bet you did... 

There were a few things that I have had on my To-Do list for Bubba's room for a while now.
  • Hang his bulletin board
  • Frame the bulletin board
  • Hang the star and moon lights
  • Hang the truck - car holder
  • Hang the USA map
  • Find a new light
  • Curtains???
  • Bamboo Blinds
  • Few more 'camping' themed decorations
So, I tackled his room.   I had my trusty side-kick and helper, helping out.
Bubba is holding his bulletin board in place so I can nail it to the wall.
I made this bulletin board and Bubba picked out the fabric for it, all on his own. 
  • What I did was cut a piece of thin MDF board to  24x36.  I believe they are less than $4 at Home Depot. (If you don't have the tools to cut the wood at home, Home Depot and/or Lowe's will cut the wood for you)
  • Then I had some cork 12x12 pieces that I got at Target a while ago, just for this project.  They come in packages of four, so I purchased 2 packages. 
  • I glued them to the MDF board.
  • Then I had some batting in my sewing room and I covered the cork with the batting. 
  • Next, I covered them both with the fabric.  I stapled the fabric to the back of the MDF board and pulled it tight and stapled it down. 
It was super quick, super easy and pretty inexpensive.

I have been meaning to hang this for a while, but I knew I wanted to frame it out.  One of the gals at work had some trim work leftover from a project she was doing at her house.  I went to her house to see if it would work, and it was PERFECT.  Free and perfect, my favorite kind of combo!   

When working with mitered corners, it is VERY important to measure again and again.

Doesn't that look great!  I just love it!  He loves it!  That's all that matters.

Here are a few other things I was able to cross of my To-Do List:

This was handed down from Big Brother: Hotrod, and holds all of Bubba's favorite cars
This corner is a Lego building center, down below, and reading corner up top.  He loves it.
Because we just HAD to see what it looked like with the lights off.  :)
I still have these items left to do, but it's just a matter of finding the "right one", for everything.
  • Hang his bulletin board
  • Frame the bulletin board
  • Hang the star and moon lights
  • Hang the truck - car holder
  • Hang the USA map
  • Find a new light
  • Curtains???  Yes or No?
  • Bamboo Blinds
The hardest thing that I am finding, is patience.  I really just want it all done, but I want it done right.  So to wait for it, it will have to be. 

Have you ever had to wait for eternity (or at least it feels that way) to find the right item to complete a room you've been working on?  Did you get some rooms completed this weekend?

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