Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flip Book Picture Parade

I have been wanting to share with all of you what I made the mom's for Mother's Day this year, but I couldn't until they had all received their books, and now I'm waaay overdue, since my mother who lives out of state, received hers nearly 2 weeks ago. 
I had to wait for her to receive hers, because does read this blog.  :)  I have to say, it was a huge hit.   
I paired this with another book.  One that acted as a card, because it said everything that I had wanted to say and was thankful for as a mother.  Have you read this book?
The inside of the flip book was filled with pictures of the kids, primarily, and a few of us as a couple, and a family.
 Completely opened up.  It's pretty big and there were about 17 areas to put pictures.  I wanted to write out a few quotes, so I didn't put pictures on every single slip.
The inside cover was a picture of The Mister and his Momma and I with my Momma.
I will be back tomorrow with a full tutorial on this flip book.  This can also be used for a high school or college graduation  (with a pictures of your student from Kindergarten through Senior year, either high school senior or college senior) paired with the book by Dr. Seuss 'Oh, the Places You'll Go', or even for Father's Day.

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