About the Mixers

Hello!! Welcome!!!

My name is Katie and my husband will be sweetly called, The Mister.

I love decorating.  He loves dirt bike riding.

I love being creative.  He loves restoring old vehicles.

I love finding a good deal, saving with coupons, and all things thrifty.  He loves telling me about the good deals he scored when I wasn't with him.

I love to cook.  He loves to BBQ.

We love to have fun with our family and friends.  

We love camping, boating, dirt bike riding.

But most of all, we love each other and the wonderful children we have together.  My husband is the most supportive person in the world and the best of my best friends. 

Our kids are my absolute greatest accomplishment.  They bring me such joy!

My husband and I have created this blog in order to track the cosmetic part of our family's progress on our home remodel and design style shift.  Which is a never ending revolving process, as we do this one space at a time.


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