Happy Birthday, Hotrod!!!

I just love this kid....so, so much!
During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we had a great turnout for Hotrod's birthday sha-bang! We had a big spaghetti dinner with a green salad, garlic bread and a lot of treats. With Hotrod's birthday being only two days before Christmas, there always seems to be a lot of friends out of town, so planning a birthday party has always been a little bit challenging. However, he did have a few of his closest friends join us for the festivities.

This gift was hilarious.   It was a giant Santa sack, with the number 16 glitter painted on...and filled...to the brim...with balloons!  At the very bottom of the bag was the gift, which was duct taped AND then the "ribbon" was a chain!  Hotrod was laughing the whole time and thought it was just great.

At the end of the night, we were joined by some of our closest friends, our family, and each other. 
Happy Birthday Hotrod!   We are so proud of you and the man you are becoming.  You are the sparkle to my eye!


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