Back this hitch up into the water.....

...Untie all the cables and ropes.   Step onto the astro turf.....

I know that we are in the dead of winter and thinking of summer...or not part of the winter season.  But it is boat show season.  I love boats.  I love sports.   I love water.  I love water sports.  I lettered all 4 years in high school on the swim team.  My first water skiing trip was at my favorite Central Oregon with my parent's friends on a camping trip, Lake Billy Chinook.  Ever since I learned how to ski, off the side of the boat, on a boom (good times there), I was hooked.   Here.  At this lake.  This. Is. My. Happy. Place.
Lake Billy Chinook
  This is probably the one area in our marriage where my hubby and I switch roles.   I start drooling over the pretty boats, and he likes them and all, but really, he's there to make his wife happy.  I have a good man, ladies.  Don't get me wrong he likes all things motor, but boats are this chicks gig. 

So this weekend, we hit up the Portland Boat Show.  Oh, mercy, there are some B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L boats.   But of course, they come with some beautiful price tags.
Black + White + Yellow = Striking!

Seating for 15!!!!!
We went with a couple of friends, who were actually there to get ideas and are thinking of purchasing a boat.  We looked at ski boats, wake board boats, pontoon boats, sailboats, fishing boats, used boats, the newest model of our boat (honestly, was not impressed, so glad I didn't want to "upgrade"), house boats, and even some crazy, outlandish LOOK-AT-ME boats! 
Beautiful Mastercraft

A little outlandish interior, for my liking
We saw this boat and instantly thought of our little Baby-Girl, who just LOVES sparkles!  For a short time in her life she was nicknamed Hollywood, so this boat is fitting just for her.  :)

So many sparkles, what's a girl to do?!
Last year, at the boat show, we were able to get our kids a wake board plus an awesome tube for a crazy steal of a deal.  This year it was nice to walk away without spending a penny.  I took a few pictures of some of the beautiful...and not so beautiful boats.

Tubing...mommy and daddy style

Hanging out on the Pontoon

I did, however, fall in love, like head over heals, in love with this beauty.  However, it's price tag is well, the price of a small home, or a darn good down payment on a good home.
It comes with a mount for the GoPro, which was our newest Christmas gift...super excited about using it, and those speakers, you can hear them 80 feet behind the boat.  That is, if it's at full blast.  Which isn't needed, however, a good tune would be nice to hear when you are back there cutting the water with the wake board.   Like I said in my early post about running, I love music, I love having it on, so having it while I'm wake boarding, on my favorite lake, would make it the best!

Loved everything about this boat
So for now, we are going to continue to love our little Bluewater baby.  Spend as much time with the kiddo's in the water as we can.  We did have a minor meltdown the other night, with an overly exhausted little one sobbing, "How come we never get to go on the boat anymore?"  So at least we know that one of our babes loves it as much as we do.  :)
How many days left till summer?

What did you guys do this weekend?   Did any other local Portlanders go to the boat show?  If so, what was your favorite boat?  Where is your favorite place to go boating?


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