Dreaming a little dream

Have you all seen the HGTV dream house special? There are definite parts of the house that I just love and then there are parts that are just....meh, to me.

The first thought I had when I saw the outside of it, was TREE HOUSE. Isn't it just beautiful?!?

Look at the front porch! So warm, so inviting. It looks just like a beach house with those cedar shingles....however, they are NOT cedar shingles! They are really made of PVC, can you believe that?

Look at this nook!! A place to sit down, take your shoes off, right as you walk in the door. You know my daughter, Baby-Girl, would love this nook. She would spend all day there, reading, coloring, writing in her journal. So cute.

I love the open doors of the great room. Reminds me of when we were in Hawaii and all the doors were that open feeling. I love the height of the windows and it feels so open. I was not expecting the modern or contemporary flare on the fireplace. I was expecting something a little more traditional, like maybe even a wood stove or wood fireplace, not electric, but I do like the two gates that are hanging up there, it's a different kind of art but very appealing to the eye.  Shows a little bit of history.

  And when you turn around and look towards the kitchen this is what you see.  I love lofts, just love them.
Much like the fireplace, the kitchen surprised me. I was not expecting the boxy modern look in the kitchen. Again, I was thinking something more beachy, traditional, softer like the rest of the house. Seems out of place.

However, I do love the open shelving next to the fridge. I hope to do some open shelving when we redo our kitchen. I'm indifferent about the green ceiling. There is a lot of green in this house, and I'm not sure if I'm a fan of it.   But after looking at the great room with open ceiling, it seems like maybe the green is weighing this ceiling down.   Making it very heavy?  Or, maybe it's because the green chairs are a bit much with the ceiling and matching walls, here in the dining room?   But I LOVE the rug!  It seems to pop up in other rooms too.  Like in the great room and also in one of the bedrooms.

More green in the powder room.   I'm indifferent in this room.  Maybe a bit too green for me.

Love, love, love this guest room! Love the rug! Love the grey walls. Love the round table as a night stand. LO-OVE the mirror!  Love the art. Love it all.

And uh, heeelllooo!!! Could those rafters in the loft be any more AH-MAZING?!?! Love when the home is it's own piece of art. I would probably be in this loft more than any other room!  So cozy.

The master is nice and calming and really brings in the beach look they were going for. I have to have this rug in my own home. I wish I had a master bedroom of this size. I am picky about t.v.'s in the bedroom. I know a lot of people have them, but I am adamant about NOT having one in our bedroom. I believe it loses the romance and serenity of a master bedroom when you bring a t.v. into it. We haven't had one in our bedroom for 8 years. It's been great.

And this is outside the master. A great place for sipping some iced tea.  Aren't those colors great?

Another bathroom. Love the wall color.  Love the vanity color.

If my girls were to share a bedroom.  THIS is what it would look like.   Right down to the subtle stripes on the wall.  Just love it.

The pantry wasn't exactly what I was expecting from a pantry, but, look how amazingly big it is.  I wish!  My favorite?  These ice cream dishes!!!   Aren't they adorable?! 

And this stole my heart. Looks just like our two furry kids. Sweetness, pure sweetness.

Now, let's talk about the Man Cave and garage space.  The Mister would love this.  I would never see him.  Look at the garage!  It's HUGE!

However, look to your left there.  Another room.  A game room!  Check out these hanging beds!  Aren't those just the coolest?!?!  However, with four kids and 2 beds, I can already imagine the arguments this would cause.
What do you think of this year’s dream home? Do you enter every year? I did it.  Once.

All photos were taken from the HGTV site here and you can see details about paint colors and the products there too.



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