Heart Garland How-To's

Good Afternoon, Lovelies!  I'm going to show you how I made that adorable Heart Garland!
I actually had these colors of felt downstairs in my craft room. 
I just took two of each color and did a straight line at 1/4 inch from the side of the felt.  I used the lines that are already on my sewing machine and just followed in a straight line.

Then I flipped them over, as you would when hiding a seam.  See how it's already forming the heart?
I trimmed the felt down the size that wanted the heart's to be and then did another straight stitch at 1/4 inch.
I happen to have some quilting supplies, so for me I used the 1 inch mark on my ruler and used my rotary cutter to cut them all.  You can totally mark these out with a 1 inch and a pencil or a chalk pencil from your local fabric store, and then cut with your scissors.
Love all the little hearts.  I ended up getting 12 of each color.

I then took some pom-poms that I got at the Dollar Tree and threaded some fishing line, yes, clear fishing line, through the felt heart and through a pom-pom.  In order for your heart to keep it's shape, you will need to thread through the 1st arch of the heart, then the tip in the middle, and back out the 2nd arch of the heart.
Mine was really long and I didn't like how it hung so low, so I just took it up and made an additional loop towards the end so that it would match where the white pom-poms where.  I hope that last sentence made sense???
After all that, I needed something to loop on the ends to hang it from the mantel, so I just made a loop out of some pink satin ribbon I already owned and hot glued it to the pom-poms that were at the end of each side.

I hope you have fun making one of your own!  It was super, super easy!! 


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