Laundry Room - Part 1

(Be prepared for picture overload)  The room that is always working for a family of six.  The one that catches all the dirt.   The laundry room.  Our laundry room.  Our house is your standard split-level 1970's home, with one little addition that gave us an extra family room, three more bedrooms and a crazy lone hallway.
Our laundry room is located at the bottom of the stairs just to the left of the garage.   It also has a shower and toilet, so it doubles as a bathroom.
When we redid the laundry room, there were a few black mold in the insulation....behind the sheet rock.  Awesome-sauce, right?!  Not so much.  It all started with our linoleum on the floor, glued to the concrete.   We actually had to scrap the flooring up.  This was a terrible process.  Our evenings were filled with scrapping up flooring.  When I say scrapping, I mean chiseling.  We found that it was easiest to get it a little wet, let that soak into the backing on the linoleum, and then scrape chisel, while tapping the chisel with a hammer, and then pull up the flooring.  Itty bitty piece by itty bitty piece.  While we were tearing up all the linoleum, it came up far too easy around the back corner of the wall and behind the toilet.  As in one piece, too easy, which never means anything good.   Which lead my hubby right into some very soft walls.  After ripping out the sheet rock behind the toilet, we found black mold all inside the insulation and that there was a leaky pipe.  It had a slow drip to it, but leaking nonetheless, and had been for some time..considering we had lived in the house for about 3 years at this point.  It was also "fixed" by some electrical tape.  Yup, you read that right, electrical tape.   Not sure how, who, or why it was "fixed" that way.   At any rate, we called in our plumber friend to re-plumb the pipe and at the same time, he was awesome and plumbed our washer and dryer for recessed faucets, so that they were flush against the wall.  We are so grateful he spent the afternoon helping out our family.  Thanks Jimbo!
Since we didn't anticipate on having a water leak and insulation and sheet rock issues, we were set back in our timeline a little bit.  Good thing we have previous sheet rock, taping, mudding and texturing experience from redoing our downstairs playroom.  That process went pretty quickly.
(Don't mind the washer/dryer mess-just look at how pretty the taping and mudding looks)
The Mister, was doing his first tile laying project.  I have to say, he did a fantastic job!!  I just absolutely love our tile flooring.

Doesn't that just look absolutely beautiful????   What you don't see is that, since I didn't think to take and before photos, you don't see that there used to be a window there, in that back wall.   Yep.  A window.  A window that looked out, into the beautiful....hallway.  Yep.  A hallway.  Why?  You ask?  Well, the window is part of the original house and I believe looked out into the backyard...once upon a time.  Now the hallway just on the other side of that wall, along with 2 out of our 6 bedrooms, is part of the addition that the previous owners put on the house.  See that bottom part of the wall, it looks green in the picture?  That is the cement foundation of the original house.  How do you cover up cement?  Well, let me tell you have a creative hubby who thinks and knows how to fix/cover up some of these quirky things of our house.  I am so grateful for him!  I am the lucky one in this marriage.
The small wall there, that juts out a little bit, was also added by the handy Mister of our house.  He was tired of my ironing board be up and in the way all the time, he framed out and built a new wall to house my built-in ironing board.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!  
At this point it is...all most completed!!!   The washer and dryer are IN and WORKING!   The cement foundation has been covered up with some nice bead board.
And here we are today...tonight.  My list of things to do in this room are still a mile long.  Some of the thoughts are: 
  • Lighting...possibly a cute chandelier?
  • Shelving on top of the washer/dryer 
  • Change the paint color??  Still undecided
 However, that will be for another post.
What is your favorite room that you have remodeled?   What has been your hardest thing to do in a remodel?  What do you LOVE about your laundry room?


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