Meal Plan Monday 1/21/2013

One of my many 'goals' for the New Year was/is to be more organized.  We had also decided to curb our restaurant visits, from 1-2 times a week, down to once a month.  Yes, that is a drastic change.  Yes, a family of our size, eats out way too much.  We, (hubs and I), need to be more organized when it comes to our kids and their busy schedules, and planning dinner on those busy nights.  That is money down the drain, as far as I'm concerned.  Every time we do it, it's because we haven't planned accordingly for the night.  It's a last minute decision and there we are, eating out for convenience.  I've also noticed, that with this convenience our waist lines have been growing.  This all goes hand in hand... Poor Planning + Busy Schedules + Eating Out + Spending Too Much Money = Waste, Waste, Waste, Bad, Bad, Bad!

I've decided that every Sunday, when the kids are still sleeping, I am waking up early and planning our dinner menu's for the next week.  This involves getting out the family calendar, seeing which nights are going to be our busiest, and also the newspaper.  I currently plan my menu based off the grocery store sales.  So, if for example, the grocery store, currently has a special of BOGO on chicken breasts, well, I will plan for a few of the nights to involve chicken, and I will also buy a few extra on sale to package up and freezer for another week.

This week we have 3 busy nights, so we will have 2 crock pot meals and 1 quick prep meal:

Sunday:  Slow Cooked Ribs on The Green Egg with roasted veggies and green salad

Monday:  Sesame Ginger Chicken, w/ Fresh Pineapple and peas over white rice

Tuesday: Beef in Mushroom wine sauce, w/ Egg Noodles and veggies 

Wednesday: Crock PotClam Chowder w/ Garden Salad

Thursday:  Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps w/ fries and melon slices 

Friday: Crock Pot: Pot Roast with baby red potatoes

Saturday:  BBQ Chicken w/ Spaghetti, green salad & Garlic Bread 
 What's on your menu this week?


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