Memories Jar

First crafting project of 2013 is officially under way!!!   I am excited to share with you our Memories Jar.   Every year we talk about all the great times that we have had on vacation, or whether there was a big, unforgettable event that happened the previous year, but it's the little moments that we have, that we forget about by the end of the year.
So, I made a, Memory Jar, and every time my kiddos have a great memory they can write it down, explain it in detail, and then next New Year's Eve, we will read off our favorite memories of 2013.  I will also match up these memories with the events photos and add the kids' journaling to the scrapbook page.
Some of our favorite memories haven't been with a big vacation, it's been little things at home, like a family game night


1 Can/Jar (I used an old hot chocolate can, but even an oatmeal container would work)

1 bottle of Mod Podge (I used the Matte finish, because it's what I had at home)
1 Sponge Brush
1 12 x 12 card stock
permanent glue
Chip Board for the letters

I had all supplies on hand so it was a zero cost project.

I actually had prepared to use my cutter and just lay the paper on nicely, however, my can was 16 inches in diameter, so my 12 x 12 card stock wasn't going to fit.  So I decided that I would just tear the pieces.   I like the way it turned out.  My paper was double sided so I actually had enough pieces left over to use the contrasting colors on the lid. 
I will keep this in a spot where everyone can get to it along with paper and a pencil/pen that they can write down their memories on.  Looking forward to what 2013 has to bring us for memories, moments and more!

Do you have a special place to jot down memories or moments so they aren't forgotten?  Would love to see your Memory Jar if you make one.


  1. What a fabulous idea to capture your family memories through out the year. With your family of 6, you may need two cans for 2013!!


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