Organization: Boy's Closet

When my son, Bubba (7) and I went through his room last weekend, we pretty much gutted it.  There were already so many piles of "stuff" on the floor, which is usually a pretty good indication that he is overwhelmed on the idea of cleaning it.  So he just.  Doesn't.  And this is where I came in, and we organized it together.  8 long hours later.

These are the steps that we took to get his room back on track.

We took everything out of his closet. I prefer doing it this way because it gives us a blank slate to work with when putting things where they belong.

The next thing we did was; we made individual piles. All the Lego's were in one pile. All the Lincoln Logs, all the Hot Wheels cars, Nerf items, you get the idea.

We addressed every little thing!  Every single toy, stuffed animal, etc. as I had mentioned here and about where things go, and how we donate or keep or trash. 
Originally, I was going to put everything into nice storage containers.  I just love that look, but he already had a pretty good storage system going on, it just needed a little refreshing and updating.  I also didn't want him to forget what he had, and not play with the toys either.
All his shirts were re-hung by grouping; dress shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and then jackets
We also had a lot of clothes that are from big brother and are still too big.  So, we went through and grouped them by sizes, so that they aren't overlooked and Bubba doesn't out grow them because we forgot about them (speaking from experience here, that has happened before).  We put them into the containers and labeled them, so there was no wondering and forgetting what sizes we already had from big brother.
We, as parents, were also storing some of our own stuff in Bubba's closet.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  
Looks awful, just awful....anyone need/want a 6 disk CD changer?
That is now out and he has the whole space to himself. Doesn't it look so much better?  And look at all that extra space on the top shelf!

Left side
Right side
I still have a few things left to do to his room, before I can mark it off my completed list. 

Here is what I still want to accomplish in his room:
  • New lighting 
  • Find the right spot to hang his bulletin board
  • Frame the bulletin board
  • Add photos in his room
  • Bamboo blinds
  • Drapes??  Yes or No?
  • Hang his 2 lights
  • Paint his dresser
  • Change the knobs out on his dresser
Have you started organizing your children's rooms, yet?  Please share your process and how you tackled it.


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