Organization: Closet Style

Wow. It’s Sunday. Hard to believe that the kiddos return to school tomorrow, although it is much needed.  As a mother who also works 40 hours outside of the home, this is one of the hardest times of the year for me, the other being summertime.  My kids are home...I am not.  It's something that I have always struggled with, and will continue to do so, as long as I'm a working mama.  But that's not what this post is about.  Table that pity party for another time.

This time of the year I am always inspired to clean, clear, donate and organize a lot, when starting a new year. There is something about taking down the Christmas tree and decorations and experiencing a bare home. Doesn’t it all seem so empty once you put it all away?  I LOVE it. It seems to be contagious as it encourages me to start going through nooks and crannies in my home.  I also tend to start rearranging all the furniture to see what flows better.  But now, my wheels are turning.  I am wanting to paint rooms I had thought were fine before.   I am wanting to clean out, organize, and get rid of things that were just fine where they were a month or two prior.  However, I am putting all my wants of redecorating and painting aside and working on my #1 New Year's Resolution...ORGANIZING!!!!

So this is what I accomplished today....I started with our bedroom.  This is a small task that only takes a few hours, tops, to complete.  I am very embarrassed and ashamed of what you might see, but I am human, just like you, and there are six in our house and just one of me to keep it going.   I have a very hectic life, so the fact that I spent this afternoon solely on my bedroom is nothing shy of amazing.

Here is the closet before.  Clutter, messy, and so many things in there that are just unbelievable we still have in there.

(I believe that box is from when me moved in...7 years ago)

First thing I did, since we have a terribly small closet, is take out everything that was on my side.  I sorted everything by sweatshirts, skirts, slacks, work suits, blouses.  As you can see it even spread all the way to the curtain rod.  And yes, that is just only my side of the closet.

 I then put them all back in, one by one, and took out clothing I knew I wouldn't wear again.  I also flipped my hangers in the opposite direction.  Something I did last year and found on Pinterest.   The concept is that every 6 months you clean out your closet and whatever is still flipped in the wrong direction, you have NOT worn in six months, so you should donate it or if it's in really good condition, take it to a consignment store and you can get some money from your old clothes.   More on that here.  I, however, did this last January and am doing it again, this January.  Once a year, is what works for us.

I like having my stuff in color order, so I did a little rainbow of each section of my clothes.  I have realized, I do NOT need anymore sweatshirts.

I did the same grouping with The Mister's clothing, however, he had to join the party and go through his clothes and decide what to keep and what goes.

Now, we have a nice, neat, organized closet.  Feels so refreshing!
(It may not appear to be a big change from the photos, but believe me, it is!)

This is our donate pile.  Do you see that bag??  A diaper bag!  Yes, I had our old diaper bag in the closet, mind you Bubba is 7 now.  Such a great feeling.  Shoes are in the closet, not under the bed.  Clothes are in order and ready to be worn.

What did you do this weekend to get organized?  How often do you clean out your closet?  Every 6 months?  Or once a year?


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