Organization: Family Games

Games.  We have LOTS of games.   All kinds of games.   But they were getting out of control.  Some downstairs, in the play room, in this basket.
Some upstairs in the family room, in this cubby.
Both a hot mess.   Both unorganized and really, didn't make family game night all that fun.  So, you know what that means.  TIME!  TO!  ORGANIZE!   Ya!!!!  My new favorite thing to do!  Seriously!  It is! :)
We have this coffee table, that has a hollow middle and opens up with all this potential for great storage.   
So, I got to thinking..."Why, don't we just put the games in the middle of the coffee table?   So when we have game night, everything is there and at our finger tips?"  Genius.  Right?  No running up and down the stairs, from this room to that room, to find the game we want to play for the night.
Luckily, most of the games were in the same size boxes.   So I just stacked them up on their side and lined them up.
Most of the games, but still a work in progress
We have all of our card games in a clear bucket so they can be seen and not forgotten, and are all together nice and orderly.
Who's ready for Family Game Night now?
Sometimes, you just need to move a little bit of furniture from one room to another to make it all work out.  In this case, it is working perfectly for us.  Now our Family Game Nights are...dare I say...ORGANIZED?!  :)  Which makes this mama very happy!  So, so much better!
Everything right at our finger tips!
This corner once looked like this....
Now looks like this! 
The 9-cube cubby has been moved over to a new area in the family room and is storing all of the coloring books and color crayons.  Eventually, it will hold more, nice and neatly, of course.  :)

How do you organize your games?   Do you and your family have a Family Game night?  What is your favorite game to play?


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