Rolling With the Punches

Have you ever had one of those days where anything chaotic that could happen...will happen?   Well, that was us yesterday.  Last week.  Last two weeks.  Can we get a break now?  I'm ready to s-l-o-w   d-o-w-n.

We've been battling some colds, tummy issues, NOT THE FLU, and awesomely enough...strep throat.   So, Baby Girl, had a reaction last Friday where she broke out in a full body rash.   Instantly, I assumed it was an allergic reaction to her antibiotics because I have an allergy to one and big sis has an allergy to one.  Oh no, my friends.   Not the case.  Did you know that strep can also cause scarlet fever?   If you did, you are one smart cookie.  If you didn't, well, tuck that away in your memory for future use.  Yup, my sweet little baby girl, had a massive body rash, felt like sandpaper.  It was everywhere.  I felt so terrible for her.  So yesterday, was her follow up appointment, since we stopped the antibiotics early.  Well, the strep is gone.  Thankfully. 

However, about 45 minutes before her appointment.  Bubba and Big Sis..."Firecracker", were downstairs playing.  He wanted in her room.  She wanted him out.  There were giggles.   Pushing on the door.  See where I'm going with this?  Yup, you know it.  Bubba's little finger slipped into the hinge side of the door, as she was slamming it shut.   He's howling.  She's crying.   There were a lot of "I'm so sorry.  It was an accident.  I'm so sorry, Bubba!  I'll get you ice.  I'm so sorry!"  She didn't want to leave his side last night (in fact, she was the little photographer of the evening).  Very sweet, honestly.  She was very worried about him.  It's broken.  It's yucky.  He hurts.  My heart is breaking.  After 3 long hours of doctors, hospitals, and x-rays.  We were home.
As for this morning... ...I overheard him say to Baby Girl, "I've never had a broken bone before.  Yay!  My first broken bone."

He's such a boy!

Stay safe!  Stay Healthy!  This does happen to all parents, right?!  :)


  1. That's so adorable that he was excited about the broken bone! Way to see the silver lining :)

  2. Always, the glass half full around here. :)


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