Birthday Celebrations

Earlier this month, our little Firecracker celebrated her 12th birthday.   I am amazed every day at the young woman that she is turning into.   It's hard to believe how quickly she, and her siblings, are growing up.  
We decided, to have her birthday party the weekend after her birthday.  She invited a few of her closest girlfriends over for a slumber party.   One of the things that she wanted was a scavenger hunt.  We live in Mayberry...or so it feels like.   There are times, that I half expected to see Andy Griffith himself strolling the streets with Barney Fife and keeping us safe.  (Now you are whistling the song, aren't you? You're welcome.)   That's what I love about our small town.  It's small.  It doesn't take long for everyone to know everyone, either.  So I created a scavenger hunt that started at one side of town and had these girls walk back to our house on the other side of town, doing silly things along the way, like running 1 lap around the track at the high school, and playing hopscotch.  The girls LOVED IT!
They had to find a house with a colored front door, not beige, black, white...but colored.
They had to get their picture taken with either a fireman or policeman.  He went through the effort and suited up for the girls.  It was great.  :)
Sorry, it's blury, my assistant photographer is the one and only Baby Girl.  :)
By the time they got to our house for pizza they were already talking about how tired they were.  Little did they know they had an evening of rollerskating ahead of them.  I took them to the roller rink for 2.5 hours of skating.  I had 6 young ladies that had a great time, and when we got home around 11:30 they realized that Firecracker hadn't even opened her presents.  So a quick little gift reveal and a happy girl, the ladies ran off downstairs to settle down for the night.  Rumor has it...90% of them were sound asleep within 30 minutes.

Now, that's MY kind of slumber party!  :)

What have been some memorable parties for either you or your children?  Have you ever planned a scavenger hunt before?  What did you do for it?


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