Craft Room Makeover....In progress

Oh my craft room.  It seems that this room is ever evolving and always needing help and room for improvement.

The pain in my side. 

The flat in my tire. 

The kryptonite to my Superman Woman. 

The room I have always dreamed of having…and have…but I just cannot get a good flow going in this room.   The problem is, e v e r y o n e dumps everything into this room when they don’t know where it’s home is really located.   It is not a functioning craft room at all; however, it is a functioning crap-dump room.  Mind you, this room is small, I don’t know the exact dimensions but I’m guessing it’s around 6 x 8.  This room also has big shoes to fill.  It is a hard working room with high expectations for it.  This room is multi-purpose room. 

It needs to function for all of my hobbies.
1)     Sewing:  Fabric, sewing machine, serger, and sewing supplies

2)     Scrapbooking:  Cardstock, albums, stamps, stamps and more stamps, ink, and so many more supplies (My absolute true love and hobby)

3)     Scentsy: For my Scentsy business, my stock that I have on hand, supplies for my parties, testers, samples, etc.

4)     School Supplies:  crafts for the kids, extra school supplies, etc.
5)     Kids Work:  All the special art and projects the kids have made from school (I only keep a small percentage of their work, no way I could keep it all.  Not with 4 children)

I got a small start this weekend with the craft room.  Since, The Mister was out of town, and I really need his help with my full vision  for this room.  I was only able to clear out one small area of the room but it was enough to get the momentum started; meanwhile the kids are temporarily losing their playroom since all of mommy’s stuff is currently living in it.  :)  Sorry kids.
This is the only real "Before" photo that I have, just image the whole room this disorganized and messy
I got started before I took a "real" before photo.  Oops!  I have a vision that will be using some of our other furniture and products from other rooms in the house.   However, I had to just focus on the one small area first.  (A.D.D. anyone?  No?  Just me.  Okay).  I can’t wait to put my vision into a reality.
I had some peg board that was already cut and painted for my displays at my bazaars or shows that I do for my Scentsy business.  It was hinged into thirds and forms into a standing triangle for my table displays.
However, this was taking up a lot of space on the floor of my room.  So, I decided to hang it on the wall.  I  L O V E  it!!   
I have all my Scentsy Bars, Scent Paks, and Scent Circles up on the wall.  Which was a big empty space and is no longer.
It’s so simple and I can easily remove it from the wall for my shows.  Another plus in my book.   Cute and functional.

What have you been up too?  Any re-arranging of rooms?  Do you love peg board?  What do you use it for?


  1. Love the peg board!! Looks like a little Scentsy store.


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