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Happy Monday everyone!!!  Did you have a good weekend?   The Mister and Hotrod were out of town for the weekend, since Hotrod had a ISDE Race (dirt bike race) that he was in.  The girls and Bubba stayed home and hung out with me while we got Firecracker ready to head off to outdoor school this morning.
My sweet friend, Michelle and her lovely husband Neil, have their very own animal farm.  I work with Michelle and she has been telling me all about the baby animals on her farm.  We have been trying to get out there to see the babies before they get too big.  We went and visited them last year and those babies and even got to help take care of some of the babies when they went out of town on trip...the kids LOVED it.
So, we went to go visit their farm, while The Mister and Hotrod where out of town for a race.
When we pulled up we were immediately greeted by Cletus the turkey aka The Flirt.  He ruffled his feathers and even stomped a little matting dance for us.  He was hilarious.
Our new buddy, Lambchop, was anxious to be feed. He kept baaa-ing at us and was wondering where his food was. Farmer Neil brought out a bottle for Lambchop and each of the kids got to feed him. He was so hungry. Just gobbling the food up and noisy about it, like a newborn baby.

Gina, Momma Goat, greeted us with her babies, Alvin, Simon, and Ted (Theodore was just too serious for this little goat). 
 Alvin was a little camera shy, as you can see he looked in the opposite direction while their picture was being taken.
George, Papa Goat, telling Bubba some story, or checking him out, or both.
Gina fell in love with Baby Girl and I think the feeling was mutual. Baby Girl is going to be our little veterinarian, I can see it already.  She loves all animals and wants to care for them all too.   :)
After all the little babies were feed and good to go we just HAD to go visit Moose, the ram and Norman, the bull.  As soon as the feed bucket was shook, they came r u n n i n g from the back hillside.
Norman is the most docile bull I've ever met.  Not that I've met a lot of bulls in my lifetime.  I've met none, but uh hello?  Running of the bulls, anyone?!?  :)  Kidding...just kidding.

He was just a goofy, over sized dog. Moose, baby Lambchop's pop, is Norman's BFF. Those two head butt each other, rough house around, and chase each other.

Bubba chose a nice calming color to wear for a bull, didn't he?
So much fun to watch.

We have a great time visiting our friends. The kids talked all about their favorite things on the way home. Which animal they liked more....who they liked to feed....who was the friendliest...their favorite part of the visit.
All of it.
***This is not a commercial farm, not a visiting petting farm either, just our friends who let us visit them and their animals on a sunny day.


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