Meal Plan Monday 5/27/2013

I'm baaaack with my Meal Plan Monday's.  I took a short hiatus and quickly found that it just doesn’t work for me to not have a menu planned out.   So, even if these don’t help you get through the weekday “What’s for Dinner?” crunch, these are for me too.

This week is filled with slow cooker meals.  I’m currently studying for a major test for my work.  So I need simplicity right now.   I need to come home and have dinner completely ready so that I can get maximum study time in my evenings.  It’s the least I can do for my family, as I will be non-existent in their eyes, until my test date.

**All meals this week, will also be paired with a nice garden salad

Monday:  Memorial Day BBQ at a friend’s house.  I am bringing this side dish.  It’s a hit with my hubby and kids.  Crab and Pea Salad

Tuesday: Slow Cooker: Pork Loin with homemade canned applesauce

Wednesday:  Slow Cooker: Salisbury Steak with mashed garlic potatoes

Thursday:  Slow Cooker: Tortellini Soup with rolls

Friday:  Slow Cooker: Lemon Garlic Chicken with fresh corn on the cob

Saturday:  Bubba turns 8!!!   So, with the theme of his birthday party (will post later this week) we are barbecuing hamburgers and hot dogs

I have also created a new board, on my Pinterest page, titled This Week’s Meals.  So, if I’ve pinned any meals that we will be having for the week, they will be showing on that board.  Easy to find.


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