Our, Not So Secret, Garden

Hello Spring!  Hello Sunshine!!  Hello Produce!!! 

What?!  Yup, we are going to grow our own produce this year.  We go through so much of it, so why not?!  We used to have a cute little garden in the backyard, when the kids were little, very little.  However, the trampoline for the kids took over that spot for a little while.  Which has been a great source of fun for the kids...and adults, but we need our garden space back.

While our backyard is not large, we had to do a little rearranging, some woodworking, and a partial backyard make over, and we now have a garden spot!   I am beyond thrilled!  (A garden box, how-to, will be coming in a later post)

I am so excited to have fresh tomatoes, fresh strawberries, and fresh cucumbers.
Actually we are going to plant a ton more and even, The Mister, is getting on the garden and canning this year.  He makes a mean batch of dill pickles and bread & butter pickles!  I can't wait!

What we will be growing:

Box 1
Roma Tomatoes
Early Girl Tomatoes
Hawaiian Pineapple Tomatoes (excited for this one)
Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Box 2
Sweet Peppers
Lemon Cucumbers

Box 3
Pickling Cucumbers

Arch 1 (Coming Soon)
Green Peas

Arch 2 (Coming Soon)
Green Beans

 We also plan on planting some blueberry trees.  I'm so excited!

 Do you have a garden in your yard?  What are you growing this year?  What is your favorite produce to grow?  Tomatoes?  Zucchini?


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