Camping Birthday Party

If you know anything about our family, you know that we love to go camping.
Summer. Fall. Winter. Spring.
We love it.
It's our family activity/hobby, if you will. So it was no surprise to me when Bubba announced that he would like to have a camping themed birthday party, earlier this month, which of course was a sleepover party.

Unfortunately, because The Mister was working on the day of Bubba’s party, I was busy getting everything ready and completely missed taking pictures of everything, bad blogger, I know, still getting the hang of it.  Sorry. 

I had a whole selection of fun games lined up for the boys to play, but they really just wanted to play on the trampoline and the rope swing in our backyard.  Which was fine, because tiring them out was a good thing.  :)

We had your typical camping food set up.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, macaroni salad, some Kool-Aid for the kids, water, and fruit.
The cupcakes I made were adorable.  Again since I didn't get any photos of it, I don't really have any to share.  However, here is where I got my inspiration for the tee-pee cupcakes from

I was most excited for the boys’ gift bags.  They are little hobo packs that I made. 

1 butterfly net (from the Dollar Store)
1 juice box
1 box of animal crackers
1 flashlight (Target, Dollar Spot)
1 combo whistle, compass, lanyard (Target, Dollar Spot)
1 Bandanna
I simply put all the treats and gifts into the butterfly net, and then tied the bandanna around the net and it instantly made an adorable Hobo Pack.
Most adorable group of campers you'll ever see
The boys were so worn out, that we actually didn’t get to make the S’mores in our backyard fire pit.  I was a little disappointed but thankful the boys were ready for bed.
They actually slept outside in a tent.  On our deck.   Right outside my bedroom window.   Four little men crammed tightly into the tent.  It was pretty cute.   One of his buddies gave him a wind-up lantern as a gift, so they rigged it to hang from the top of the tent and fell asleep with it on, since they were trying to scare each other with ghost stories.  I think they fell asleep mid-story telling.
Of course, the kiddos were up bright and early and out there jumping on the trampoline again till their parents came.

Bubba had a great time and we are so blessed for him to have such great friends.   Thank you to those that came to help celebrate him turning 8!!


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