Meal Plan Monday 6/3/2013

Hey all!!  Did you have a good weekend?   We had a great weekend.  Bubba turned 8 and had a few of his friend's over for a camping themed sleepover party.   I'll post more on that later.
Yesterday, Dustin Lynch, Tate Stevens, and Little Big Town came to Portland for the Country Fest, in downtown Portland, right on the water for our Rose Festival.  So we decided the best way to listen to this concert was via the water.  We and our friends, grabbed the boats, the family, some food and headed out on the water for a fun afternoon.

Since I'm still studying, as the test date approaches, my meals are needing to stay on the easiest of easy sides.  No thinking involved.   This is what we will be having this week.  Anything I can make in advance, I will.

However, I will need to take one day as a break, since Tuesday is expected to be...wait for it...85!!!!!  So, in our house that means, boat night after work!

Monday:  Leftovers
Tuesday: Picnic on the boat (usually consists of some sandwiches, fruit salad, macaroni salad, veggie slices with hummus, a few chips and drinks)
Wednesday:  Slow Cooker: Pepper Steak with peppers and white rice
Thursday:  Chicken Kabobs
Friday:  Taco Salad
Saturday:  Steaks on the grill with this yummy looking broccoli salad.
Sunday:  Creamy Chicken Piccata with pasta and a green salad

I hope all of you have a great week!

What is your go to meals for your busy nights?  When you things, such as sports, homework, scouts, working late; keeping you on the go, go, go?


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