Wedding Memory Box

My little sister, Emily, got married last October.   I had planned on making her this shadow box with a scrapbook page for a while and I needed to collect some things that were from before her wedding and from her wedding, so I could put them in the box.
I wanted simple but classy, because that's the way she and her husband are.  Simple and classy.  
Her dress had a lot of beautiful lace on it.   Before the wedding I had asked my mom if she would be able to get some of the extra lace from Emily's dress and unfortunately, they didn't have any after the alterations.  Like always, my mother to the rescue, while she was unable to get any lace from the dress, she was able to get nearly identical lace from the fabric store, just for my scrapbook page.
I wrapped it around the page and glued it to the back of the card stock.  The plum sheer ribbon that is in the middle there, was the ribbon she used to tie up our bridesmaid's gift bags, on the day of the wedding.
The next step is A L W A Y S my hardest step.  The layout of the pictures and embellishments.  I have to move them around and around and reposition them until I find a layout that I just love. 
I LOVE to use embellishments.  I think it helps tell your story.  I use them all the time on my scrapbook pages along with journaling.  
I think every page should have a small amount of journaling to express that memory.
The saying in the upper right hand corner says:

Marriage is love walking hand in hand together.
It is the realization that there is no one else in this world
that you'd rather be with than the one you're married to.
The rose flower in the corner, was a flower that my sister had made and given to each of us bridesmaids when she asked us to be in her wedding. 
The broach and the light purple ribbon was actually off of my bouquet.  I thought it was so perfect and a nice added little touch for her page. 
Once I finally found the arrangement that I liked, I adhered everything to the page.
I glued it down to the backing inside the shadow box.  I didn't want it to tip over when she got it.

Now, because I've had a lot of things broken or damaged by the time they have reached my parents house, I decided to just wait until either I went down for a visit or they came up here. 
As luck would have it, my mother had a business trip up here last week and was able to bring it back home to my sister.   She just saw it this weekend for the first time and she loved it. 
I love how it captures the love between these two and it's a sweet memory of their beautiful day.


  1. It is soooo gorgeous and one of my favorite items in the house! Best gift ever!!! I can't wait to hang it up so the world can see it. You did such a beautiful job on it!

    1. I'm glad you love it! Can't wait to see it on a wall...somewhere. That is, if I ever get to see your walls. :)


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