Flower Pot Tower

It's no secret that I've been trying to work on the curb appeal for our home.  I've mentioned it a few times, here and here.  No real reason other than, we have been slacking on the yard...for a few years now.  Come to think of it; ever since we got the boat.  I mean, really....who wants to be working in the yard on a sunny day when you could be out playing on the water?  Am I right, people? 

I have been wanting to do a fun project for the front yard, for a long while now.  I was missing one major piece to this project, and when I was cleaning under the deck the other day I stumbled across my missing piece.  I was so excited that I may, or may not, have done a little dance.  Right there.  In the backyard.  Under the deck.

We've all seen the stacked flower pot towers right?   Well, THAT's what I wanted to make.

Here is what you will need.  Remember, you will need a few days to let the spray paint cure.


5 terra cotta pots, various sizes.  (Large to small)

Outdoor paint or spray paint

1 piece of re bar  (Approx. 3 feet)

Step One:   Spray paint your pots.   I like working in odd numbers, so since I already had 3 colors at home from other projects, I used those.  

Step Two:   Let paint dry (hardest thing for me to do....ever)

Step Three:  Add a second coat of paint and let dry...again

Step Four:   Hammer your re bar into the ground for a good amount.  You don't want the re bar or the tower to wiggle around at all
Step Five:  Let the fun begin!   Add your pots, very carefully, through the hole in the center of the pots

Step Six:  Add potting soil into your base pot.  This will help you next pot, sit on it.

Step Seven:  Start adding the pots and tilt them when you slide them down the re bar.  They will then sit on top of each other
Step Eight:  Add potting soil and your plants in the next 4 pots

Step Nine:  Add the littlest pot on the top.  You could even add a fun yard orb if you didn't want flowers or plants on the top.
This project cost me, approx. $18, the re bar was my missing piece that I ended up finding in my backyard.

Now, sit back and admire your fun little yard project!  I just love the way this tower brings a pop of color to my front yard.  I can't wait to get more projects completed!!

And one more, because I just LOVE this little Flower Pot Tower so much!


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