Front Porch Pick Me Up

My goal this summer, spring, fall, even winter is to gain a better curb appeal for our front yard.  We don't spend as much time in the yard as we should and it's evident by the lack of color, personality, and just about everything in our front yard. 
Our front steps have been bugging me for a while now.  I've been wanting a cute little table and chair set to put out there, however, I just haven't found one that I liked.  

So, while the kids play out front, The Mister and I, sit on the hard cement watching them.
So dull, boring, blech...right?  Moss, leaves, dirt...booorring!
Those pots on the left are actually my hanging pots.  I moved them there because we were gone last weekend and my neighbors took care of them for us.
The other night, The Mister came home with a cute little table and chair set that sat on Grammie's porch.  It was exactly what I was looking for...and it was something that was Grammie's.  Something that would make us smile every time we sat outside to watch the kids. 
I quickly pressure washed the front steps and cleaned up the table and chairs before I put them in their new home.
So much better!  Adorable, lively, cute, and more our personality.
I love walking in and out our front door now.  It just feels so much more inviting. 

Have you done any small changes that have big results lately?  Please share!


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