Next Step: Adding Furniture

That title pretty much sums up this post.
  Adding in the furniture. 
Let me recap with what I started with.

As most of you know (my close friends and family who seem to be the ones that read this blog)
  We lost a huge asset to our family earlier this month.
My hubby’s beloved Grandmother. 
My babies beloved Great-Grandmother.
In her guest room she has a mahogany bedroom set.  
My wonderful Mother-in-Law was so sweet to think of Hotrod and give him the bed from the set.
  We actually took the entire set, to keep it together, but the other pieces didn’t work for Hotrod’s room.
So, the NIGHT that Hotrod was on his way home from Disneyland we rushed over, took the bed apart, loaded it up in the suburban, and drove home, polished it, and reassembled it.

 These girls deserve the SISTER-OF-THE-YEAR Award!
They not only helped clean their brother's room, but the also helped with the painting, and moving furniture, box springs, mattresses and so much more!! 

Such a simple, beautiful, masculine the floor!
Just a quick tip, and you are all probably smarter than I, that you may already do this.
I bought 2 fitted sheets for his bed. 
One for the mattress and one for the box spring. 
This box spring was bright blue, and boys, well, they don't want bed skirts.  :)
Plus I wanted to show off the clean lines of the bed.
The start to a little bit of organization in this teen's room.

What a difference for the before and after photos. 
As soon as I took this photo, I received a text from Hotrod telling me that they were at the church and ready to be picked up. 
Perfect timing.
We still have more happening in this room. 
The dresser's a getting an overhaul and the window will be getting new window treatments as well.
Wall art, decorations, possible shelving.
Lightening changes.
Along with new sliding closet doors (these ones are bi-folds) and a new bedroom door.
Needless to say, when he got home from a week of being away, he was pretty surprised at the look of his room and he LOVES his new room!  (So far, 5 days of it being clean!)
Stay tuned and those updates will be coming soon!


  1. We did the same thing with our bed! We put a second fitted sheet on the box spring. So funny, great minds think alike!

    1. I was shocked as to WHY I hadn't thought of it sooner. :)


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