That's right folks.  We have had a good ole revamp to our chore chart.  In our home the chores are divided amongst the four kids and then every week we rotate the chores, to keep it fair around here.  

Well, I had 4 calendars, 4 kids, 4x the clutter (which I'm trying to eliminate around here).  It was working, but not effectively.  It was always a battle to remember what week we were on and who was doing what.

I looked all over the Internet, Pinterest, name it, I searched it, all I wanted was ideas for a simple chore chart that would work for all four kids and be on ONE calendar!  I just couldn't find it.

I've been dwelling on this for a while now.  It wasn't until I was looking at a color wheel this last week, while picking out colors for a special girls bedroom, did I think about a chore chart...on a wheel!! 
I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, just so ya'll know.

I sat down and wrote down everything I wanted to cover that the kids could do.  Now, mind you, the kids can do all these things.  However, I do not expect them to be p e r f e c t, but I do want them contributing to the house.   They all live here too.  My home is not a magazine home.   It may never be, as long as I have a family living it, making memories.   But I do want it tidy.

So, I started with 5 various circles.   I dug around the house looking for different plate, lids to pots, cups, bowls, to get 5 different sized circles.
I used some scrap booking paper that I already had at home and backed it with some poster board that I got from the dollar store for....$.50.  Love that deal.
I found the exact middle for each circle and poked a hole through the center. 
I lined them all up and put a brad through each center.
Divided them into 4 sections.  This can easily be split in half for two kids, or thirds for 3 kids.  If you have more than 4, just make sure to write a little smaller.  :)  But it will work.
Now, I'll explain each circle.  Each one is regarding a room and that particular room's duties.
First:  Child's name
Second: Personal bedroom: Make bed, pick up toys, dirty clothes into the hamper (They all say the same thing)
Third: Kitchen: Wiping down the kitchen table, unload the dishwasher, load up the dishwasher, sweep the floor, wipe down the counters, package up the leftovers....
Fourth: Bathroom(s):  Sinks & Mirrors, sweep the floors, clean toilets, empty the trash cans, clean tubs/showers
Fifth: Room of the Week:   1) TV Room & help with laundry (sorting) 2) Playroom & Poop Patrol outside 3) Vacuuming the house 4) Trash & Recycling, Fold and put away the towels
Each week, the only thing that will spin is going to be the kids' names.  The Mister has pointed out that it's possible for the kids to "swap" chores or "switch" them to their siblings, so I've decided to glue the larger circles together to stop that from happening. 
What chores do your kids do?   Do you have a chore chart for them?  How's that working for them and for you?


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