M. I. A.

It's been nearly a month since my last post.
I've been a little M.I.A. 
You've noticed.  
 I've been asked why I haven't been blogging.  
Well, truth is.  I'm tired.  Very tired.
We've been very busy.
Nothing with the house.
No new projects.
No new crafts.
Just family.
Spending lots of time as a family.
Appreciating each other.
Loving each other.
For the first time in 17 years, we took TWO!  TWO! 10 day vacations. 
In the same month!!
That leaves no room for anything else.

We got back from vacation just in time to scramble for the first day of school.

Bubba has gotten so good this summer.  Doing doubles with Momma!
Who said summer could end so quickly?
Who said these beautiful babies of mine could grow up faster than ever imaginable?

Bubba: 3rd Grade
Baby Girl: 5th Grade
Firecracker: 7th Grade
Hotrod:  Junior - 11th Grade
Our schedules.
Their schedules.
Combining the schedules.
It is NUTS!
We are pulled in every direction.
Four children on four different traveling soccer teams.
All 4 are playing soccer.

I have a new work schedule.
6am- 2:30pm
I love it.
I love that I am home in the afternoons with the kids now.
We are working on a good rhythm.
Just greasing the wheel right now. 
I will be back.
I promise.
With all kinds of great projects.
Coming soon!
Stay tuned!


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