Meal Plan Monday 9/16/2013

Good Morning friends!

I almost didn't get to my meal plan this week since we had some family in town.   You can see why here.
How many of you have sports taking over your life right now?   We do!   We have high school sports, plus 3 in recreational soccer.   We have a few games this week as well as practices, but we also have Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts for both the boys, as well as a few double headers this coming week.   Definitely a full plate!

The dinner's that I will be putting on our plates this week are going to be......

Monday:   Chicken Breasts
Side Dish:  Baby Squash w/ Basil & Feta
Tuesday: Crockpot:  Pot Roast
Side Dish: Mashed potatoes

Wednesday:  Chicken Breasts
Side Dish:  Pasta Primavera

Thursday:  Crockpot:  Chicken Cacciatore
Side Dish:  Grilled Zucchini

Friday:   Hamburgers/Hot Dogs
Side Dish(s):  Potato Salad w/ Watermelon

Saturday:  Spaghetti
Side Dish:  Garden Salad & Garlic Bread

Sunday:   Salmon Bake (with a mayonnaise and spice rub) 
Side Dish(s):   Fresh Garden Salad and peas
I just realized that our meals were a little heavy on the chicken this week.   We are officially out of our beef, so we are just waiting patiently waiting for our new order to come in.   This is the first year that we have ran out of our beef before the next order has come in, so we are having a lot of chicken, pork, and fish.

I hope that everyone has a great week!!     I'll link up some of the recipes later in the week...come back and check them out on my recipe page.


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