Bringing In a Little Christmas Spirit

Are the days flying by for everyone else, as much as they are for me us? I mean, seriously, it's already the middle of December and I have JUST  barely been able to finish start decorating for Christmas. We are never, ever this far behind.
There are so many traditions that I love sharing with my family this time of the year and I feel like I am missing every single one of them.  Traditions are not to be rushed either.

Decorating of the tree

(The kids decorated the whole tree this year.  And I'm not changing it, I love it)
Decorating of the mantel
Decorating around the house
(This Santa is my absolute FAVORITE Santa ever.  My dearest friend, Jennifer, hand painted this for me one year when she was my Secret Santa at work.  I will always cherish this Santa.)
Our Advent Book's
(these photos are from last year)

Our Advent Calendar
Setting up our little village
Gingerbread House decorating
(Look at those too Goobers up front...they are a wild pair together)
And of course, we cannot forget out little Elf Jason, from the North Pole. He was delivered to us along with the book Elf on the Shelf. Jason has become part of the family and sometimes he pops in during the middle of the year, just to check in on us. :)

I am proud to say that we have finally gotten all the boxes of decorations unload and decorations up on the house.   My very own, son Hotrod, surprised me the other night when I had come home from work to see that there were lights on the house.   It was so sweet of him, knowing dad's been working a lot and going to a class in the evenings, and our time was running out.

I' hope you enjoyed the quick little holiday tour of my home. 

Merry Christmas friends!


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