It's Rainy Outside but Sunny Inside!

While it may be looking a little like this outside these days...
....It hasn't stopped me from keeping busy inside.  We are currently knee deep in giving some young ladies, who are no longer little girls, some pre-teen big girl rooms.  I say big girl, because I really refuse to believe my girls are growing up so quickly.  Yes, I'm in denial and please don't take me away from it. 

I have been working on Baby Girl's room because ultimately getting her room done, actually leads into some hallway renovations that I've been wanting to get done.  So that take priority.

Not to mention that she still has her room painted from when she was a toddler.   So she is loooong overdue!

I've gathered a few inspirational ideas along the way.   
I have tackled what I actually thought was going to be the biggest pain in my neck first.   We have two of these 9-cube organizers in our house.  One in the family room and one in Baby Girl's room.   Of course, they would be two different colors.  A birch and then an espresso color.   
I have decided to make both of them, this bright, bold, beautiful Sun Yellow.  Seriously, that's what the paint is called.  
I roughed them up a bit first with some 220 grit sand paper.  (as you can see above) 
We have actually been having some beautiful weather the last two weeks, so I took full advantage of the sunshine, warmth, and lack of wind, and took these babies out back and spray painted them with some primer. 
 I did one coat of yellow spray paint but I just did not like the results I was getting.  Not to mention, I was going to need more paint and hadn't even started the 2nd cube yet.  So not exactly cost effective either.
With one quick trip to Home Depot, I found Rust-oleum's Sun Yellow paint, and I grabbed a couple of foam rollers, and flew home.  
My Friday nights can be so exciting, I tell ya!   
While The Mister was working late one night, the kids and I popped in a movie, sat in front of the fire, and I rolled on some paint.

I love the results!   So bright, so bold, so beautiful!   
It's going to go so great against her new wall color.   Here is a sneak peak of the wall color next to the Sun Yellow.   I cannot wait to get them into their new home!

What projects are you working on right now?


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