Come On Lets Go and Play

"Do you wanna build a snowman?
Come on lets go and play"

Who else has some Frozen loving kids humming that tune around their house?   What a great movie!  Well done, Disney, well done.
 As soon as the first snowflake fell, nearly two weeks ago, I had a young lady running around singing this song.  It was pretty cute.   The excitement was pretty high at our house, since the last time we had any significant snowfall was the Winter of 2008-2009, which is faaar too long for any kiddo, and quite frankly, this mom to wait.  We love the snow.
The furry kids having a blast together

From our front window

View from our back-side yard

The kids had a blast.
The girls

Neighbor boys with Bubba on the end

Then the ice came.

Then the rain came.  :(

We had a fun few days before our snow received a 'warm hug' and went away.


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