Meal Plan Monday: 2/10/14

Hey, hey!!  Happy Monday to you all!  Did you have a great weekend?  I know that a lot of us were snowed in and loving it.  Some of you were getting a little stir crazy, but I was soaking up the time with my family and getting some chores finished.   
We had a winter storm move in Thursday afternoon and leave us with about 8 inches of snow in some areas, and up to 18 inches of snow in other areas. Then this same lovely storm brought us some freezing rain overnight, which was not so much fun, or safe, for any driving the next day.   It didn't bother me the least bit though, I was getting some much needed projects tackled around the house.

We were able to get out yesterday and do our weekly grocery shopping, which I was nervous about.  My best friend was telling me how picked over the local grocery store was and how the store didn't even have any milk, so I was expecting to only be able to get a few things, and was pleasantly surprised when I was able to do our full weeks worth of shopping.   

Don't forget to use your $10 off $50 at Safeway this week, it expires tomorrow.

Monday: Crockpot: Pineapple Chicken

Tuesday: Crockpot: Pork Carnitas

Wednesday: Crockpot: Greek Style Flank Steak w/ Fat Free Tzatziki 

Thursday: Crockpot: Oriental Chicken 

Friday: Crockpot: Pesto Ranch Chicken Thighs 

Saturday: Cheat Meal

Sunday: Chicken Caesar Salad w/ asparagus

This week is full of crockpot meals because we have a few busy nights and I also have a few projects that I would like to finish up and share with all of you.  So the less time I spend cooking the more time I spend crafting.  :)

Have a great week everyone!


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