Meal Plan Monday: 2/17/2014

Hey there everyone!   Our family was blessed with a 3-day weekend.  We NAILED IT! in the relaxation department, but yet, very productive at the same time.  I hope all of you were able to enjoy an extra day and relax too.  
I almost missed getting this post up since I was thrown off my game for my schedule. 
I am hoping that I will get my computer back up and running this week, so I can update you on some progress that I've been making in the tween's bedroom.  It's coming together quite nicely; plus I have another project I've snuck into the mix while working on Baby Girl's room.

Last week, when The Mister and I did our grocery shopping, I was blown away by our total bill.   It was way over my weekly budget, and to be honest, I hadn't remembered my manufacture coupons, luckily I did remember my $10 off $50 spent.  At any rate, when I look back at what we had bought, we had snagged some really good deals; some buy one get one free, along with some meats that were marked down to an unbeatable price.  When that happens, I stock up on those items.   So this weeks total bill was $100 less than last week, because we are able to incorporate some of those meals that have been in the freezer all week.

Monday:  Salmon w/ asparagus -- and most of the kids don't like asparagus, so we had green beans for them, along with some leftover quinoa.

TuesdayCrockpot:  Chicken In Wine

Wednesday:  Pork Loin w/ Applesauce and cauliflower

Thursday:  Taco Ring

Friday:  Crab Cakes and French fries

Saturday:  Dinner with Friends

Sunday:  Lasagna w/ garlic bread, green beans, green salad

I hope you have a great week!  Happy cooking!


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