Meal Plan Monday: 2/24/2014

Happy Monday everyone!   Did you have a great weekend?   The Mister and I were able to slip away for a couple of nights to the coast for the annual Newport Seafood and Wine festival.   It was an adults only getaway and much needed for us.   We don't have date nights all that often so anytime we can get together, just the two of us, we savor every moment of it.

When we had arrived at home yesterday, a little tired and worn out, I had really wanted our lasagna, which I had in the freezer and ready to be cooked.  However, unfortunately, I found out the hard way, that our oven decided that it was no longer going to cook.   So, that's what our week is going to be focused on…shopping for a new oven.

So with that said, here is our weekly menu.   It's going to be 100% crock-pot meals and/or the grill, since that's how we are cooking everything these days.  

Monday: Rotisserie Chicken with grilled veggie skewers (yellow and green zucchini’s, onion chunks, mushrooms, grape tomatoes)
Tuesday:  Crock-pot: Honey Garlic Chicken
Wednesday:  Grill:  Teriyaki Chicken with steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage, cabbage, and carrots)
Thursday: Crock-potChicken Veggie Pita Sandwiches
Friday: Turkey Meatloaf with mashed cauliflower
Saturday:   Cheat Meal: Pizza night (we have a special birthday this weekend for a special girl)  J
Sunday:  Grill:  Salmon with green salad and garlic bread

Have a great week everyone!  Off to do my oven research.   What kind of oven/stove top do you have?  Electric?  Gas?  Convection?  Would love to hear your thoughts and input.


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