Out with the Old and In with the New

So far, this week, has just been one. of. those. weeks.  I'm already to have it be done, but at the same time, I have soooo much to do and wish I could gain some extra days!   I still need to finish up Baby Girl's room.  When I last left you, my To-Do List was still pretty long.   I have yet to tackle any of that since last week.
We've had a little bit of a hiccup when we got home from the coast this weekend.  Our oven was no longer working for us. Now, before we jumped right into a new range purchase, we did check to see if maybe it was just the element that wasn't working, but much to no avail, it wasn't the element.   We do a lot of home cooking, so not having a functioning oven/stove top range was NOT something we could live with.  But at the same time we were not 100% ready to be purchasing a new appliance in the kitchen, because we still want to completely redo our kitchen.

Both The Mister and I talked about what we wanted.  

·        Double ovens with a separate range?  
·        One oven with a warming tray?  
·        Convection?  
·        Needed to be able to continue canning

We also talked about how we use our oven what we didn't like about it currently. 
  •  We can't cook more than one item at a time without one of the items burning.
  • We were always storing our cookie sheets, trays, and pans in the stove, since we are limited in our kitchen storage.
  • I hate cleaning the drip pans from the stove top
We checked out the smooth top ranges vs. coil burners (we have electric in our  house) and we realized that we can't do our canning with a smooth top range because they don't hold the temperature for a long, steady, period of time, like the coil burners or gas would.

When it came down to it, there were only a few options out there to choose from that would work for our family and what we decided on had to be American made.  We are all about supporting this country we live in.

So Monday night, after work, we headed to our local appliance store in our little town.  We've purchased our dishwasher, washer/dryer units, freezer in the garage, and our fridge/freezer combo from them.  We love their customer service and love that we are supporting a small business.  Our salesman, really listened to us and what we wanted, what we needed, and how much we would be using our new oven and directed us to this beauty.  

The Frigidaire Galleria
We have been happy with all of our other Frigidaire appliances, so it seemed fitting that this was Frigidaire as well.

This is a convection oven, along with a regular bake oven, and an induction glass top range. 

What is induction cooking?  How does it work?  Here is a great article that explains induction cooking very well.

We can look at this both ways; unfortunately & fortunately, I do have to buy new pots and pans.  However, our old pots and pans already have a new good home, which is in our trailer.  We did receive a $199 rebate towards a new set of pots and pans with the purchase of our new range.  Which is very helpful.

We were able to take the range home the exact same day.   Let me tell you, that was a whole lotta fun.  If you ever want to see how strong your marriage really is, then I highly suggest you try to move an extremely heavy appliance with your spouse (one strong, one very weak) and move it up 2 flights of stairs (the front porch, and then the entryway stairs), oh, and lets do this in the middle of reading/homework time for the kids, some of them are showering, some of them were getting ready for bed, other’s really all of the kids, were just flat out not listening and far more intrigued and busy with getting in the way of mommy and daddy which only added to the frustration level we were experiencing.  Good times at the Mix household....good times , for a Monday night, which is already one of our busy nights.
I just have to say, I am super lucky and beyond thankful that I have such a handy hubby.  While we measured, more than 3 times, our current stove and the counter-tops vs. the new stove, which is the same measurement by the way, the new stove was not exactly fitting like a glove.  I am also very thankful that we had not yet remodeled the kitchen AND that I was not in love with my baby blue formica counter-tops.   Because when the saws-all came out to be used and to CUT MY COUNTERS I was not heartbroken to lose a little bit of the counter-tops.  However, it has only increased my want for a new kitchen by 1 trillion percent now.  But I digress. 
So after removing the old built in oven, measuring and making room for the new stand alone oven.  We are up and functioning again.   Isn't she pretty?  We officially have all stainless-steel appliances now!
Now, who wants some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies?  I can hardly wait to taste the first batch!!


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