Spring Break 2014

We wrapped up our Spring Break two weeks ago.  We don't normally take the week off from work, but decided to this year.  It was fantastic.  We actually had two mini vacations wrapped into one week.   The first part of the week we took off and went camping in China Hat which is in Eastern Oregon and we got in some dirt bike riding.
This is what relaxing looks like while camping

Our view for 4 days.   So incredibly peaceful.  One of our favorite spots to go.

Had to get all the kids in one picture
We then headed south to visit family in California.  We were able to bring the trailer and then stay at my cousins place and meet their new baby girl.  She is absolutely precious.  Such a good baby.  So relaxed and easy spirits.  
Isn't she just perfect?!
While we spent time with them, we also were coming down to see my sister and brother-in-law for their baby shower.  I can't wait to meet that baby girl!  Auntie is so excited for this newest family member.
My mother did a fantastic job with the shower.  While it was looking like THIS outside.
It was looking like this, inside!

I also have some exciting news to share that kicked off our spring break.  After 10 years at my brokerage firm, I put in my 2 week notice and will be starting my new job in mid-April.  I am very excited for this career change.  There will be some learning curves, hopefully not many speed bumps, but for sure some great advancements in my future.  I believe this next step will take me into a direction that I will truly love.  I will no longer be in finance but into a completely different industry.  That, is very exciting, in itself.  

Also, while on spring break, my son was offered a job at a very reputable company.  He started his first day of work last week.   He's been doing really well.  This company is actually a very good company that will work with him through is school and soccer schedules as well as support him through his college classes.  This is a very good fit for him and The Mister and I couldn't be more thrilled for him.

So needless to say we had a spring break filled with opportunities, fresh starts, family and fun.  All in all, a great week.

Hope you have a great week!  


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