When Someone Stops Blogging

Do you ever wonder why someone suddenly stops posting on their blog?
It's a blog you've followed for a little while and have enjoyed from time to time.....then nothing....
No more pretty pictures, no more recipes, no more ideas on decorating, no mention of things they've bought or made or some great news they want to share.  No more sharing of their family adventures or children's accomplishments?

There comes a time in every DIY's life where he/she experiences burnout. That is, at least a typical/not-paid DIYer. I can't speak for bloggers who get paid to do things to their house. Burnout happens. It happens to your wallet and to your energy and it even happens to your family. 
Burnout is especially when there's many things your energy can be directed toward, like a full-time job, kids (some finishing their final year of high school), sports and other responsibilities.

I know, because that's what happened to me.   I got a new job a little over a year ago, and things changed.   Life became exceptionally busy.  Time with the family because increasingly less.  Could it be my new later hours?   Yes.  I get home.....late, 2 hours later than I used to.   Could it be my kids getting older?  Yes.  Stop growing kids!!!   Mommy is not ready for this!   Could it be that I was needed to be more present in my kids lives?  Yes.  Could it be that somehow a camera is no longer working/taking good photos, so all photos are from an iPhone?   Yes. 

Yes.  It was all of these things.

But I promise you.  We have been busy and amazing changes have been happening at the Mixer's house.  :)

Stay tuned.....all those open ended projects I left you hanging on (Baby Girl's new big girl room, living room switcheroo, backyard renovation)....you'll see them soon!  Very soon!


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