Family Funday Sunday: At the Zoo

Family Funday Sunday!

Our lives have been super crazy busy.  The weekdays tend to get out of hand, so on Sunday's we always try to regroup as a family and at the very least, get a family dinner in together.  A family dinner where we all sit down at the table, converse, and share our lives with one another.

I know, that sounds ridiculous, since we have all of our kids living at home with us, but these kids are all over the place.  
Whether it's scouts, soccer practice, soccer games, work (their jobs - not ours), babysitting, vision therapy, parent/teacher conferences (at two different schools & for three kids), or basketball camp.....which, by the way ALL of that did happen last week....we don't always get to eat as a family during the week.   
The Mister and I share cooking duties, and the kids know that they will always have a meal ready for them when they get home.  Whether it's before or after their activities, it's there and ready.

Lately, life has felt extra crazy and The Mister and I have felt like we've started to lose a little ground with the kids, so he came up with a great idea.   

Family Funday Sunday!!!

We are going to try and make every available Sunday a special family day and do things with the kids that we normally don't have the time take the time, to do.  With that said, last Sunday, we surprised the kids, with a long overdue trip to the ZOO!!  Yes, the Zoo!  Surprisingly, they have been asking to go, or mentioning wanting to go, for the last few months.   It was the best ever!  Most of the animals were very active.  I will say, it was crowded.  We did not realize that there would be trick or treating happening at the zoo, on a Sunday...before Halloween. (Clearly it's be a while since our little's, were very little).  There were so many of adorable little toddlers and small children all dressed up in their costumes.  
We chose to go with the look of local tourists.  :)

The Oregon Zoo has recently updated their elephant exhibit and I have to say, it was pretty darn spectacular.   I mean, look at this!

(Momma and her baby)

There are quite a few other exhibits that are under construction/remodeling, so we will have to go back later to check those out.

For now, just enjoy the photos of the animals, as we enjoyed our Family Funday Sunday!

Until next time!



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