Family Funday Sunday: Camping Style

Hey Guys!!! 

I know it's, only been nearly a month, since our camping trip but I still have to tell you all about it, because it was wonderful!! 

It's so hard coordinating weekends and family fun-days when you have 2 kids working.   Luckily those two kids, actually work for the same company.   They were both able to get the weekend off and we were finally able to go CAMPING and DIRT BIKE RIDING!!! 
You guys, this is something we haven't done in, what feels like, forever.  Two years to be exact. 
So we left Friday morning (kids didn't have school on Friday) and we headed over to our favorite part of Oregon.  East.  When we got there, we were shocked.  There was nobody there.  It was like that all weekend.  I couldn't have been more thrilled.  It was exactly what we needed as a family.  Just us.  Alone.  Laughing.  Playing.  Goofing.  Loving each other the way we know how, as a family.

Tension has been so high at our house lately.  Please tell me other families get like that too.  Constant bickering.  Nothing can seem to cure it. (I'm open for any suggestions, just so you know). 
Well, once we arrived and it was great.   The kids rode and rode and rode their bikes.   In fact, two of the kids graduated to bigger bikes this weekend.

 Now we have 2 bikes being shared amongst 4 kids.  You know what that means.  That means, hubby is in the process of looking for some more bikes so the whole family can actually go out and ride together.

Bubba graduated off of the Honda 70 and started riding the Yamaha TTR125 that his sisters were sharing.

He did amazing for it being his first time!  He even went out on some rides alone with Big Bro.  Still need to work on shifting, but that comes with time and practice.

 Baby Girl did learn how to ride the TTR125 back in March, but that was such a quick learn, and it's been about 8 months, so she had a little refresher.  She and Daddy headed off together and did a 20 miles ride together.  She did AWESOME!  I am so, so, so proud of her.  She was always our nervous rider and the last to show any interest in learning how to ride.  This makes us so happy that she enjoys the sport and isn't intimidated by it anymore.

Lacey is happiest when she can run alongside daddy.

Our little Firecracker is all about the look, the show, and the ride.  I mean seriously, look at her.  She's kinda bad ass in that gear.  She has grown a lot in the last year, so much that now when she is on the TTR125 her lower back starts to hurt, because the bike is just too short for her. 
So, she gave her brother's bike for a whirl.  Just to try it out, for size.  Well, there is no going back for her.  She is loving his 250!   I can't believe she's on a bike that big.  I'm intimidated by the 125.
Big Brother showing teaching her about his bike and its power

Hotrod just loves to be out on the open trails, riding.  He doesn't care if it's his bike or dad's bike.  He loves to ride.   He's been playing around with doing some jumps and tricks.  How cool is this picture his sister took?

So all in all, like I said earlier, it was a great weekend.  We had a fantastic time as a family.  No distractions.  Just reconnecting, laughing, talking, story telling, and just enjoying each other.

Till next time.




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