Friday, January 25, 2013

A Week In Review

It's been a busy week for us over here at the Mix household.  We are really working hard on getting some good organization and routines in place and also managed to sneak in a fun little craft project!
Check out the last week, in case you've missed all the posts.
Bubba's closet makeover and organization was completed. 
From Messy and Disorganized

To Donated, Organized and Labeled!
My first blogging Meal Plan Monday....and stuck to it, to a T!!!!
Another Organization tip to make more room in your dressers.
Two drawers worth of shirts, into one drawer
First Kitchen Organization post, with the Queen Bee of the kitchen, the fridge.  It was quite the make over, and so functional this week.
My Sweet Valentine's Day mantel, which I am totally. In. Love. With!!!

Finally, a How-To on the Heart Garland used on my mantel.

Can't wait for what the next week will be bringing!!  What was your favorite thing this week?  Did you get any organization done this week?  How about any crafting projects?

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