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Yesterday, I showed you what I gave the mother's in our lives for Mother's Day.  I also mentioned that these would be great for other events.  Such as, a graduation for high school or college (with a pictures of your student from Kindergarten through Senior year, either high school senior or college senior) paired with the book by Dr. Seuss 'Oh, the Places You'll Go', or even for Father's Day.


2 -- 12x12 card stock, coordinating colors
1-2 (your choice)-- of designer print pages, coordinating
Embellishments of your choice
Glue or self adhesive (my favorite type to use)
Cutter/paper trimmer

**All my paper, stamps and ink supplies were the product of Stampin Up!

1) I started with two (2) 12x12 pages.

2) I cut both of them in half, so they are now four (4) 6 x 12 pages.
3) I scored one (1) page at 3 inches from the left and right side, and then again about 3 1/4 from both the left and the right.  This will create a small 1/4 of an inch binding on either side and will be the cover of your book.  Put this page aside.

4) You should now have 3 pages at 6 x 12 dimensions.  However, we will need to trim them down to fit inside the book because they won't fit if they are the same size.  So, I just barely trimmed them down to 5 3/4 x 11 3/4.  
Just barely shaving a little off the sides, if you will.  That way, when you add adhesive to the back (after completed) it will fit snug inside the cover.
***You only need to do this to one side vertically and one side horizontally, otherwise, it will really shrink your book pages down. ***

5)  I then scored all three (3) pages at 3 inches from the left side and 3 inches from the right side on each page.  So right now, there should be 3 pages slightly smaller then, 6x12, that are each scored 2x, so your pages created are approximately 3 x 11 3/4 and the big inside square will approximately be 5 3/4 x 5 3/4.

6)  Line up all the short sides, where it folds, and adhere them together with either glue or the self sticking adhesive. This will make your pages for turning.

(Aerial view so that you can see what it should look like)
7)  Start adhering your photos.  You may needs to use your trimmer to have them fit within the pages.  There should be about 15 slots total for either photos, a place to journal, embellishments or other items.


8)  I have stamp sets, so I stamped a few pages, if you don't have any stamps, then you can add the decorative paper as a background to some of your photos.  Notice I added a touch of polka dot paper behind the one of The Mister and I?

9)  Add the ribbon:   I did two small slits, in the folds of the cover of the book.  I then laced it through, so that the ribbon was on the inside of the back cover, and the outside of the front covers.
10)  Add the decorative paper to the front 2 flaps (see how the ribbon is poking out)
11)  Don't forget to add embellishment's along the way.  This is a mini scrapbook for a loved one, or yourself.  See how I have added some flowers above Baby Girl?

12)  Add your wording:  Happy Mother's Day, Happy Father's Day, Congrats Grad!, Happy 16th Birthday, etc., etc.  to the front of the cover. The possibilities are endless.  These with overlap one another upon closure.  So you will want to only adhere it to the left side.  I made a little place card, of sorts, where I had the chipboard that said Happy Mother's Day.  It's kind of hard to see in this photo (sorry about that) but the words are on a piece of card stock, which I measured out based on the size of the that will vary as to how big you want it. 
I added the embellishments of the flowers and that cute, adorable, little tutu ribbon.  Make sure to add this under the ribbon.  Do you see how mine is under the letter's there?

13)  Add the completed photo pages to the inside of the cover.
(Don't forget to add a photo to the front page, or maybe a quote or a handwritten dedication)
14)  Close and tie together.  Sit and stare and be proud of your hard work.  Looks great, doesn't it??

Do you scrapbook?  Paper craft?   What have been some of your favorite projects that you've worked on?


  1. This is SUCH a fun gift idea! My mother-in-law would LOVE a flip book of her grandbabies. :)


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