Happy Blogiversary!!

Wow!  My Mix of 6 has turned 1 today.   Although today is the anniversary date, I didn't really start doing any blogging until January 1st.   It's hard to believe it's been a year already!  
I had originally started this blog to keep myself on track, motivated, and inspired to start and finish all of the projects around this house.  As well as to stay in touch with our family that is out of state anywhere from 600 to 3,000 miles away.  

In the last year, here have been some of the most popular posts on My Mix of 6:
1) How we organize our family games.  We have a lot of games and try really hard to make a family game night once a week.
2) The way I fold our clothes and organize our dressers.  It has helped with the kids getting ready in the morning, plus it just looks cleaner.  You can see all the t-shirts lined up nicely.
3) Our garden and garden boxes.  I have to say, I just loved having a garden this year.  I loved being able to provide home grown, healthy vegetables to my family.  We have learned a few things with the raised boxes and will have some updates next spring for you, so you must stay tuned.  :)
4) My "Hey, Girl" tribute to my darling, patient, loving, kind husband.  He is the world to me, and I am the luckiest girl in the world that he asked me to marry him.
5) My floating shelves in my living room.  
6) The board and batten wall treatment that I put up in Bubba's big boy room.   It's such a classic look that it will go with him all through his teen years without having to change it.
7)  My chalkboard calendar.   I LOVE this calendar.  The family actually checks it daily.  It is my job to add any additional little detail to it that might lead to any changes, so as long as I'm on top of it, my family is organized and knows where they are to be at all times.
8)  Portable Lego Tray that we made for one of Bubba's friends.
9) We lost a great woman in July.   Our precious Grammie earned her angel wings and while this season is a hard one for us, as the world is not the same without her, we find a little bit of peace knowing she is not hurting anymore.   Thank you for all your love that you've sent us.  We definitely felt it. 

10) My Flower Tower.  I LOVE this pop of color to my front yard.   I can't wait to put more spring flowers in it.
Thanks guys for following our little family blog and helping me have a Top 10 Posts.   I can't wait to see what the next year will bring us.


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